Thursday, 8 May 2014

Starting is so much fun

Although I usually have to finish all my quilts to a deadline, I often tell my students that "finishing is over rated, it is much more fun to start a new project"!  The decision on a pattern, the selection of fabric, the first cut into that yummy new fabric, the stitching, the pressing, the pleasure when it all fits together and looks great... What could be better.

I have been sponsored by Two Green Zebras to make a new quilt for publication in a future issue of Quilters' Companion magazine.  The fabric is called "Dutch Heritage", designed by Petra Prins, Nel Kooiman and Otto Hamelink for Anbo Fabrics.  It is a reproduction range of fabric inspired by Dutch chintz of the eighteenth century.  Oooh, gorgy!

I have been having fun today working on the new quilt.

Lots of strips and cross cutting.

It is coming together.  Hope you get some stitching time.

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