Monday, 12 May 2014

Meryton Almost Quilted

I am very excited that Veronica Appleyard has almost finished quilting my latest Jane Austen quilt called "Meryton".

I have been working on this quilt for two and a half years. It will be so great to see it completed.

Veronica has been working very hard for some days on the quilting.  I have only seen photographs of the quilting so far but, as usual, it looks superb.  Cannot wait to get it back.

Thank you so, so much Veronica!


  1. Love that border fabric!! How come I never see anything that pretty when I go shopping.
    Meryton looks like another winner for you Katrina.

    1. Thanks so much Shelby. I received the quilt back from Veronica today and I am thrilled with it.