Saturday, 17 May 2014

Beautiful Autumn Days

The weather has been superb lately, my favourite time of year!

While driving to Richmond on Thursday I passed the most magnificent avenue of large oak trees in autumn splendour.

I must have been so overcome I forgot to take any photos of the ladies sewing!

I did better today though.  Here are some photos of what was being done in class at Pioneer Patchwork.

First, this is Lynn's centre of her "Blue Lotus" quilt in magnificent red with pastel appliqué.

Here are some of the heart scroll borders to go on next.

Today we worked on the next pieced border which is like a series of steps.  Lots of strip segments!

Jan is also making "Blue Lotus" in beautiful browns:

And strip piecing the final border:

Linda was also strip piecing for her "Trailing Roses" quilt.  There are long vertical rows of strip pieced squares called 'beads on a string' and diamonds.

Happy sewing ladies!

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