Wednesday, 23 October 2013

More Lovely Work

My students have been busy working on their quilts.  Isn't it wonderful to share with ladies that love the same hobby as yourself? There is nothing better than spending time away from chores and commitments and enjoying some time sewing and sharing life's experiences.

I recently held the second class in a series of workshops on my paper foundation pieced quilts.  Sue has completed a couple of blocks for her "Ashbourne Mill" quilt.  This design is based on an old block called "Dusty Miller".  

Here is my original quilt.

Here is Sue's block.  The colour combinations make sense when all the blocks are put together and, yes, that corner triangle is supposed to be in the lighter cream!

Here is Dawn's centre piecing for her "Cherry Ripe" quilt.  My quilt is in the colour combination of dark chocolate brown and pink.  We are calling Dawn's version in chocolate and teal "Blueberry Muffin"!

Here is a close up of the centre paper pieced pineapple block.

Here is Melvine's "Cherry Ripe" centre.  She has done a beautiful job with her colours and her piecing. I love it.

Here is the work Melvine did in class on the next section of the quilt.  The tiny churn dash blocks are fiddly but worth it.  They are so cute. The floral fabric with the birds is gorgeous!

Here is Jean's centre compass block for her "The Way Ahead" quilt.  She has just added her sun ray points around the compass (yet to be pressed). It is looking stunning.

In another class Maria showed me the progress she has made on her "Rosings" quilt.  It is also very beautiful.  I love her colours.  Maria is off to the Houston Quilt Festival tomorrow so progress will have to wait!  Have a great trip!

I hope you all get some stitching time soon.

Katrina x

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