Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Fun Whack and Stack Class

Today I taught all three of my whack and stack designs in the one class.

I needed to keep on my toes with all the cutting, stacking and cross cutting of metres of fabric that was going on!

The first design is Millefiori where hexagon blocks are formed from six 60 degree triangles.

Here are some blocks made by Melvine.  She used a beautiful floral on a soft apricot background. As you can see, Melvine made lots of blocks in class.  Not too much talking happening there!   Some of the patterns formed are large floral shapes in bold colours and other blocks have soft colours with filigree patterns.  Lovely!

Here are some close ups:

Then here are some blocks made by Glynn.  She is using a very beautiful fabric with Jacobean style flowers on a bold red background.  The resulting blocks are looking gorgeous!

This one is my favourite so far:

Then there were two ladies making "Rococo" which features Le Moyne Star blocks from diamonds.

These were made by Leanne. I knew this fabric would be amazing.  Just look at those vibrant colours and pretty flower and leaf shapes with lots of tendrils.

This one is my favourite:

Here is one with its set in triangles and squares.

This one was made by Chris.  She is using a beautiful fabric with large soft Japanese flowers in pinks on a charcoal background. Wonderful!

Then two girls were working on "Fandango".

Here is Inge's centre block with its paper foundation pieced spikes surround.  It really pops.  Great job, Inge!

Now how did Natalie and Lee escape without me taking some photos?  More to come....

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