Thursday, 17 October 2013

More Great Work From Class

I have seen some more lovely work accomplished by my students in class lately.

Here is Tracey with her version of my "Mansfield Park" quilt, now quilted beautifully by Veronica  Appleyard.  The colours are beautiful Tracey and the baptist fan quilting really enhances the quilt.  Clever girls!

Here are a couple of close ups.

Here is Sharon holding up her finished version of "Rosings".  She has a big smile because we finally finished sewing the William Morris poppy fabric border on and we mitred the corners.  Sharon often gives her quilts away to family members but this one is just for her.  It is so stunning!  More photos follow.

She just needs to take that tacking out!

The girls were also making more of their "Millefiori" blocks.

Here is a collection of Natalie's blocks from a very snazzy fabric.

Here are Glynn's blocks made from a very beautiful traditional floral fabric with a red background.

They are so different but both just as lovely and the patterns come out as such a surprise.

Well done, girls!

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