Saturday, 5 October 2013

I Love Seeing Completed Quilts from Class

 I have some more completed quilts to show you.

The first one is by Jean.  It is her Rococo quilt and it is so different to mine! She used an amazing feature print with many coloured flowers and circles on a brown background.  This is a whack and stack quilt so all the star blocks are cut from the same fabric. It has made some amazing different patterns. The background fabric to her stars is a bright lime green and the blocks are set on point with side setting triangles of print pink forming a zig zag setting.  This is bordered by a narrow border of dark chocolate brown and then a final border of the feature print. Although the Y seams are a bit tricky, Jean is very happy with the final result and she is also pleased it is finished.  Yay!

Here is a close up of those gorgeous blocks:

Now I have some photos of Dru's completed Spikes and Specks centre.  Dru has worked very hard to perfect her paper foundation piecing of the circular blocks and she has completed all the appliqué by hand. The rich dark brown of her cornerstone squares and side setting triangles really frames all of the blocks. We "auditioned" several fabrics for the three final borders and have decided on firstly a lovely blue, then a golden brown and finally a re paisley with some old and blue on it.  Really spectacular.

Here are some close ups.

The girls at Lyn's Fine Needlework were working on their "Florentine" centre appliqué panels today.

Here are two very different colour ways.  First is Dru and then Maryanne:

Dru has a lot of Nancy Halverson fabrics in rich tones of purple, gold, orange, red and green. We used all these colours in her centre appliqué.

Maryanne is using a lovely collection of fabrics designed by French General, La Belle Fleur among them.  Her colours will be softer with a beautiful grey green with some red and pink. Da da!

Here is a reminder of the two lovely "Florentine " centres made by Robin on the left and Leanne on the right.

Here is the centre from my original quilt.

Happy stitching until next time.  I hope to get lots of designing and prep done this long weekend.

Katrina x

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  1. I am so pleased these ladies share their work. The colours are amazing! Dru, your paper piecing is...WOW. I love the applique work on your sashing.