Monday, 22 July 2019

Classes at The Stitchers Cupboard

Lots of beautiful work is happening from my classes held at The Stitchers Cupboard in Camden.
I hope you enjoy these photos.

Shirley has made some stunning cornerstone blocks for her “Donwell Abbey” quilt.
All of the pie slices have been cut from the same fabric and joined to make the circles.

These blocks will soon be added to her beautiful centre.

Regina has also made beautiful progress on her striking “Donwell Abbey”.

For a totally different look, here is Jenny’s version in brights!

Here are here pie cornerstones.

Here is a gorgeous centre by Maryse.

And another stunner by Sue.

And Sharon is the first to finish.  Drum roll.  Here is her magnificent “Donwell Abbey” with touches of blue.

Chris is almost finished fabulous “Netherfield” medallion.

Iain has completed this wonderful version of my “Hopetoun” design.

He is now working on a masculine version of my “Lady Cavendish” quilt, which we have renamed “Lord Cavendish” for him.

Fabulous work ladies and gents.

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