Saturday, 9 July 2016

The Stitchers Cupboard: Sensational "Lambton Quilts

I am blown away by my clever students!  You will be amazed by the stunning work being achieved in class (and a little homework, lol) by my ladies at The Stitchers Cupboard.

I have just completed teaching the fifth class to two groups of ladies and they have made terrific progress on their blocks for "Lambton".  I am thinking there will soon be some very beautiful finished quilts coming along for show and tell.

First two blocks are by Glynne (hi Glynne and hello to Michelle as well, I hope you are reading my blog?).  These blocks are very pretty and her baby Dresden flowers are delightful.


These three blocks in rich colours are by Julie using a range of purples, pinks, greens and reds.

These blocks are by Sharon using lovely shades of blue, brown and red.


These are Sharon's other four blocks.  Wow, all gorgeous.


These four blocks are by Jan using some very clever fussy cutting from the same fabric for all her centre Dresdens.

These very pretty blocks are by Narelle in soft shades of pink, blue and gold.  Just delightful!


Here are two amazing fussy cut blocks by Kerry.  Love them.  The special centres are cut from her border fabric.

These stunning blocks are by Jennie who has a most gorgeous stash of repro fabric.  I told her she might need to frisk me on the way out!

Here is a block by Dot, "Lambton" meets Tokyo.  Lol.  Very striking.

This is Sue's lovely centre in the ever gorgeous combination of red and back with the addition of blue and gold.

My goodness, I am pleased I have posted all these photos tonight, or I might have forgotten my who's who by tomorrow!  I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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  1. I enjoyed the masses and masses of these pictures.... like you said.... they have been very clever with their fabric!!! Makes me wish again that there was a way to do one of your classes.....