Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The Stitchers Cupboard: Recent Class Work

Check out this great fussy cutting by Melanie for her centre Dresdens on "Lambton".  They are all cut from the same piece of fabric.  Cool!

Here they are in a collage photo:


This yummy "Lambton" centre is by Chris.  I always love red and chocolate, but I think you could have guessed that?

These lovely blocks for "Lambton" are by another Chris.


Robyn sewed the outside blocks for her "Pemberley" together, divided by a lovely red sashing fabric.  This will compliment the blue and red final border stripe we chose.  Very close to finishing!  Yay.

Here is Narelle, very happy with her completed purple and black version of "Hunsford".  Just stunning, Narelle (and the quilt looks good too).

I also started teaching my Pickle Dish quilt called "Pickled Paisley" last weekend.

Lots of unique colour plans were drawn up and coloured in during class.  Not too much to show yet, but here is the beginning of Natalie's crisp white and teal with blue version.

There will be lots more to show in the coming months.

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