Saturday, 14 February 2015

Group #2 Class for "Meryton"

I taught another lovely group of ladies yesterday at The Stitchers' Cupboard.  They were commencing my "Meryton" quilt, number 6 in the Jane Austen Quilt Collection.

Here they are, left to right:  Chris, Michelle, Jenny, Kerry, Rhonda, Colleen, Kelly, Jan and Kathy. It was great to see lots of different colour combinations happening.

This is Kerry's version - gorgeous colour combination of tealy green and orange with stunning fussy cut from a paisley fabric in the centre:

I am looking forward to seeing how Jan's quilt progresses. She is using blues and white.

This is Rhonda's gorgeous version - the bright green really pops.  Love it.

This is Jenny's gorgeous version - reds and blues.

This is Michelle's centre so far - looking lovely.

Here is Kathy's centre - yay, really different.  Love it!

Here is Kelly's stunning centre - love the teal and red with the gold star.

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