Friday, 19 December 2014

Four NSW Members of Textiles Across the Tasman Get Together

At last I had a free day to catch up with the other three New South Wales members of Textiles Across the Tasman! 

L to R: me, Amanda Daly, Kay Haerland and Pam Furniss

I have tried several times during the year to have a day with the other ladies but have always been working.

Yesterday we had a delightful lunch at Amanda Daly's lovely home in a bushland setting.  Now I know why she is so inspired by our native flora and fauna!

This was the first time that our first four challenge quilts were all together.  We could not resist making our own little display on Amanda's dining room wall.

Here they are: Pattern, Reflections, Knowledge and Seed.

We have displayed each set in the following order:
Pam Furniss, Amanda Daly, Katrina Hadjimichael and Kay Haerland.


Don't they look great together?  They are all so different.

I have really enjoyed the challenge of trying something different - you never know where your thought process will take the design.

Our next challenge is "Journey".

For more information about our group, click here.

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