Saturday, 21 September 2013

Finishing Class Kept Me Busy

The students in my class kept me very busy today helping them complete a number of projects we have been working on.

Firstly we had Kylie complete her very colourful "Rosings". We measured carefully and added her final border and mitred the corners.  Gorgeous!!!

Next is Jan's spectacular "Rococo" blocks pieced in the setting of my "Elegant Sampler" quilt. She made sixteen blocks to make a king sized bed quilt.  Just a final border of the green and gold paisley fabric to sew on and it is done! Very rich and elegant.

Here are Lynn's "Rococo" blocks set on point in the zig zag formation of my original quilt.  Looking wonderful, Lynn!

Then Miss Julie put together all of her "Pemberley" blocks with their sashing strips of border fabric. We have been looking forward to putting it together for a long time so it was very exciting to see it all joined together. Just the final border which we had cut and half pinned on but ran out of time.  Very nearly there!  It looks amazing with her favourite teal blue background.

Then Tracey was working on her version of my "Elizabeth" quilt from Homespun magazine.  Tracey bought a lot of the John Hewson reproduction fabric as soon as it hit the shop and was waiting for me to design something with it.  She also bought the border fabric from the range and we used it for her final border.  Wow, it looks great! You can see how happy she is.  Well done, Tracey, I love it too !

Kelly has finished two of her quilts I designed to use a jelly roll, with some border help from Michelle!
The first one is called Jelly Nation...

The second one is Jelly Jewels.  Great work, girls!

Robin was also working on one of my jelly roll designs called Jelly Mosaic.  She had a fat eighth bundle of fabric.  Here it is...  Fabulous!

In the afternoon Kylie worked on her "Pemberley". Here is her completed centre and some of her lovely fussy cut hexagons.  They are so pretty, quite a few William Morris fabrics used.  She is really enjoying her quilt.

Thanks for a great fun and productive day, ladies!

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