Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Today's "Rosings" Class

More on "Rosings"

I had another enjoyable class on "Rosings" today.  

Here are some photos of the work being done by my very clever students:

The first one is Jan's in beautiful colours of blue, pink and brown.  It is very striking!

The next one belongs to Chris.  We have seen her fabulous centre before but she has added more to it now.

Here are some close ups:

This one belongs to Janine.  What a stunning background of rich green and with such gorgeous flowers of gold and pumpkin orange.  This is spectacular.  Way out of Janine's comfort zone when it comes to colour but she loves it.  Me too!

Here are the close ups of her flowers, beautifully "fussy cut".

Here is Glenda's centre.  The piecing is very subtle and I love that purple flower!

Here is Veronica's centre pieced Georgetown Circle block.  Excellent "fussy cutting" there, V!  The green really pops.  I'm loving it...

To be continued....

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