Tuesday, 16 April 2013

More Photos of "Rosings" Quilts ... and the "Fussy Cutting Queen"

The "Fussy Cutting Queen"...

I have just received the new camera I ordered for my birthday and have had some fun taking photos of the "Rosings" quilt centres my students have been working on in class.

Here are some great shots of Chris' beautiful version.  She is using some amazing fabrics with gold overlay in rich colours of red, orange, gold, green and some purple.  Wow, her striped stems look fabulous too.  Chris works very hard, getting her applique done so quickly. Her circles are beautiful and she did the handles on the urns - way to go, Chris!

The next set of photos are of Natalie's "Rosings" centre.  She is using lovely autumnal colours of orange, gold, red and brown.  Good girl Natalie has also done her urn handles!  her background is the black "oil slick" fabric and some of her fabrics are from William Morris collections.

I have shown you Natalie's work before (remember the "Bollywood" version of "Longbourne"?)  Natalie has been dubbed the "FCQ" - "Fussy Cutting Queen" by Veronica and she certainly lives up to her reputation here.

I decided to take some close ups of her half inch hexagon flowers as Natalie was making them, just because I can with my new camera.  Wow, I am getting professional....

Congratulations girls on some fabulous work.  I have some very clever students.

Apologies to those who were looking for photos from last Saturday's class - photos were deleted ...oops, I will explain to you next class.

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