Saturday, 20 April 2013

Today's "Pemberley" Class

More on "Pemberley"...

I do love it when ladies come back to class with lots of work accomplished on their quilts.  Today I had a very relaxed class at Pioneer Patchwork with some gorgeous ladies who are enjoying their applique.

Here are some of the results to share with you.

The first quilt centre has been made by Leonie.  Her colours are so soft and muted.  What a beautiful quilt and she did all her homework.

A close up of Leonie's centre.

Next is Bronwyn's centre.  Her scallops are a lovely pink and bows in blue.  Looking great, Bronwyn.

It was fascinating to see the"fussy cutting" in Carol's scallops.  She wanted a very lacey look for them and we could not believe it when she showed us the fabric she cut them from.  It was a busy border print with lots of pink on it.  She has used one of the stripes only with a fine black lace on cream.  There is a tiny piece of pink and dainty flowers which makes a border around the centre oval.  Wow, it is beautiful.

Next is Sue who also did all her homework!  Sue's attention to detail is delightful and her border stripe around the corner pot appliques looks lovely.  Sue also cut a lot of paisley fabrics for her small hexagons which made fantastic flower shapes within the hexagons.

Here is a close up of Sue's:

Here are the four pot appliques finished by Margaret.  They are very pretty.

Take a closer look at her lovely pots...

The next photos are from Jeanne's centre.  She has also done a lot of work and I marveled at her beautiful bird.  The bird's eye is very cleverly positioned with the centre of a flower right in that spot.  It looks awesome. 

Here is one of Jeanne's pots.

Here is a close up of her centre - sorry it is laying down on the table.

Check out the bird's eye...

The last three photos are of Birgit's centre.  Some flowers are yet to come but her scallops look fabulous and make a wonderful secondary pattern.  They really pop with the purple piping around the oval.

Lovely work girls.

I hope you have enjoyed the photo gallery!  I am loving my new camera but am on a steep learning curve.  Hope you can drop by and leave me a message.

Katrina x

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