Sunday, 16 September 2012

"Pemberley" Revisited

More "Pemberley" Classes

I have been asked many times whether I will teach "Pemberley" again.  This was the first quilt I made in the Jane Austen collection and it is still my favourite (only I am allowed to say that)!

I have allocated two sets of workshops to teach "Pemberley" again at Pioneer Patchwork next year.  Phone number is 02 4647 3555.

Places are filling fast so you had best book in and pay your deposit if you want in.

Here are the dates:

Saturdays 10am to 4pm:

16 February
16 March
20 April and
18 May, 2013


Tuesdays 10am to 4pm:

4 June
2 July
13 August and
10 September, 2013

Here is a reminder of my quilt:

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