Sunday, 23 September 2012

More Pemberley Pics

Photos of Different "Pemberley" Quilts

For those of you who have enrolled to make Pemberley in class next year, here are some photos of different versions made by my students over the past few years, as requested.

Here are some of the girls at Narellan from a coupld of years ago holding up their centre oval medallion in front of my original quilt.  Back row from left: Robyn, Julie, Debbie, Veronica, Cheryl and front row from left: Inge, Sally, Sharon and Gloria.  How many have finished their quilt, I wonder???

This one was made by "fussy cutting" large flowers from a black and gold Japanese print.

This one has a dramatic purple "Wiggly" border:

This one is by Ingrid, owner of Pioneer Patchwork:

This one has a beautiful lacy looking "wiggly" in black floral.

This is a beautiful soft muted version.

This one is made from many fabrics in lovely colours:

This one is by my fabulous friend Julie.  Her favourite colour is teal, can you tell?

This one is made completely from creams and browns - cappacino anyone?

This one has a lovely pink pot and very pretty blue and cream "wiggly".

This is another very pretty version in a variety of beautiful colours:

Here is Veronica Appleyard's finished "Pemberley" hanging at the Camden Quilt Show.  Her quilt won 4th place in the Professional Applique Category at the 2011 NSW Quilters' Guild Darling Harbour Quilt Show.  It is a stunning quilt.

I hope you have enjoyed the "Pemberley" Quilt Show!  Please let me know your comments.

Katrina x

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