Sunday, 17 June 2018

More Lovely Class Work at The Stitchers Cupboard

Classes at The Stitchers Cupboard have been very busy this week.  Lots to show.

This is one of the flowers from my Dresden border on “Highbury”.

Kerry made a variation for her version in pinks and browns.  She expertly fussy cut the Dresden petals from her border fabric and when they were joined they created a gorgeous spider web effect.  She made eight leaves per flower instead of four.  Looks fabulous.

Irene is making steady progress on a beautiful version of “Hartfield”.  Lovely work.

Christine finished a magnificent “Netherfield”.  Lovely colours and 98” square, it will look awesome on her king sized bed.

Maryse pieced together more borders for her striking “Hunsford” in blues and reds.

We fussy cut the border fabric, great effect when mitred at the corners.

Sharron placed the hexagon border around her very pretty “Highbury” Centre.

And me?  Here is Sunday sewing on “Donwell Abbey” Borders.

So happy one of my favourite shows has returned, Season 4 of Poldark on the ABC.  Yay!

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