Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Three Days with Patchwork Passion on Retreat

I have just completed the most magical three full days of teaching at the Vaughan Park Retreat Centre in Long Bay, north of Auckland for Patchwork Passion.

Thank you so much Robyn for your warm welcome and superb organisation of a most wonderful retreat.  The ladies are indeed lucky to have such a wonderful shop in Auckland giving girls the opportunity to attend such a fabulous retreat.  The venue was ideal, comfy beds, hot showers, delicious meals, an amazing view of the beach and a great workshop room.

All of the ladies worked very hard on their sewing and achieved some amazing results over the three days.  Thank you to everyone who attended for your company, your enthusiasm and all the laughs.  You were a joy to teach.

Here is a look at all the fabulous "Pemberley" centres.  They are all gorgeous.

This one is by Robyn, such gorgeous colours and using a new Moda Collections for a Cause fabric in the scallops.


By Debbie, I love the soft purple and blue tones.

By Phillipa, in rich reds and pinks.

By Karen, who was a dynamo and was my "go to girl" for the next demonstration of techniques.

By Carolyn, an amazing departure to see my design in bright colours.  I love it.


By Marianne with rich reds and blues.

By Isabel, in delicate colours with a beautiful pot.

By Marianne in lovely rich colours:


By Judy with a lovely combination of colours:


By Joy, who was working in a combination of Japanese woven fabrics and reproduction cottons.


By Elizabeth, with a very special pot.

By Lesley, also with an amazing pot and beautiful flowers.


Now here are all the different versions of "Lambton" which were made in class.

The first is by Cindy in wonderful reproduction blues and browns.  Cindy achieved heaps of work.  She is a very quick worker.

This is by Lynda in gorgeous teal and pink.

Here is Lynda holding hers up at the end of the day:


This is by Pauline who chose a border with beautiful colours which she has matched in the centre.

This is by Louise in gorgeous red and blue.

This is by Ann in pretty pink and teal with lovely fussy cutting.

This one is by Anna in dark blue and brown.


This beautiful one is by Lindsay using bright peach, green and blue.

This one is by Jenny using teal, brown and pink.

This is by Sally in red and blue.

I think you will agree I have had some amazing New Zealand students.  Beautiful work.  I look forward to seeing progress on these quilts.

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  1. Such a productive week Katrina in beautiful New Zealand! It must be very exciting and rewarding to see your students learning new techniques and developing their wonderful projects. It will be fabulous to see photos of their progress of their quilts and the finished items!
    Enjoy being back home with your gorgeous sons!