Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Two Busy Days at Hobbysew Kings Park

Regular classes are all beginning for the year.  I have spent the last two days being very busy at Hobbysew.  The girls had heaps of show and tell of progress on all their quilts and we started some new ones.

Julie is planning to complete her lovely black and brown version of "Hunsford".  All the blocks are done, just the borders and sashings to put it all together.



Julie is also working on her "Meryton" centre hexagons.  Looks gorgy.


Heather had completed lots of components for her "Pemberley" which we are now joining together.  Lovely.  Her bird needs a beak!



Dru is continuing to work on blocks from one of my Samplers called "Gold Rush".


Leslie is joining all of the outside blocks of her "Pemberley" to the centre.  The sides are on, just the top and bottom row to stitch on.  It is looking fabulous.


Kerrie has also finished her beautiful "Pemberley".  It has a lovely soft tone to the colours.  Gorgeous.



Today I started to teach my newest Jane Austen quilt, "Lambton".  The girls are making lots of different colour combinations.  I am looking forward to seeing them develop.  These are by Michelle, Jennie and Kylie.

Here is an update on progress on Michelle's "Noahlini" quilt.  We have cut down the centre block and will border it with the bobbing arks.


The elongated hexagons are so cute.


That's all for now.  I am teaching the next four days in a row, so more photos to follow.

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