Friday, 12 February 2016

"Lambton" Classes Begin at The Stitchers Cupboard

I taught my first "Lambton" class at The Stitchers Cupboard today.

We had lots of fun and played with lots of different fabrics.  The girls consented to pose for a silly photo.  Thanks guys.

Here are some of their wonderful colour combinations for the centre of this quilt.

Sharon is using two browns and two reds for her centre Dresden.

Glenda is using a combination of pink, black and green to match a beautiful silk rug in her bedroom.

Karen is my bling girl.  Everything has some gold and shimmer to it.  Gorgeous fun.

Jenny G is using a dramatic combo of yellow, grey and black.

Jenny is using soft blues and browns.

Jan is using blues, browns, orange and gold.


I have another full class back at The Cupboard tomorrow so stay tuned for more variations.

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