Tuesday, 22 September 2015

A Wonderful First Day in the UK

We have had an amazing time in England already!

After such a long flight it was great to have a hot shower and go immediately to bed.  We live such a long way from the rest of the world but it is mind bending that you can be on the other side of the world so quickly!

We hired a car and the gorgeous Tracey drove us to York through very heavy rain.

We were lucky with the weather as it cleared in time for us to visit magnificent York Minster and do an extensive walk through the very beautiful and historic city of York.  Here I am near the front doors of the Minster.

I loved the magnificent carving on the Kings Screen in the Minster.

The Minster is a treasure trove of history having been built on the ruins of the original Roman garrison, a Viking settlement and the smaller Norman church.

Archaeologists have done a huge amount of work uncovering many artefacts and building remains under the cathedral floor. This is one of the original column supports of the commanding officers house in Roman times.

It was very haunting to view so many tombs and memorials to people who had died so many centuries ago.

I loved seeing the original medieval floor tiles on display in The Undercroft Museum and Treasury.  They reminded me of the tiles I used as inspiration for my red and white quilt called "Winchester".  I hope to see those when we visit Winchester Cathedral next week.

The choir area was magnificent.

The stained glass soared above us.

Here are some views of the famous street in York called The Shambles and surrounding streets.  All the buildings are so old and different, all melded together.

We had dinner at the pub called The Golden Fleece.  It has been here since at least 1503.

Here are some views of the medieval walls built to defend the town.  Walking along the walls afforded great views of the Minster and some glorious English gardens.

This is the Anglican Parish Church near the Shambles, lit up beautifully at night.

I have had an amazing day, thank you Tracey and Natalie for your company.  More fun in store tomorrow.


  1. Amazing! I love architecture. I will be visiting England in early Dec. I live in Canada and it is a really long way to Australia. I was there in April at AQC.
    Interestingly enough. We flew over the North Pole to Hong Kong before flying to Melbourne. Go figure?

  2. Wonderful photos Katrina…….the history is mind blowing the first time you visit! I look forward to the rest of your exciting adventure!