Friday, 21 August 2015

Some More "Meryton" Quilts Getting Close to Finishing

Had a fun class, as always, at The Stitchers Cupboard today.

It was final border day for three "Merytons".  This is Kylie's quilt made from bright and gorgeous fabrics.  Her final border looks stunning on the quilt (and the corners are all mitred).

Sharon and Jan were also doing borders but not quite finished.  I have to wait until Monday to photograph them.

Chris was working on blocks for "Meryton" putting on the whirligig in the centre of her pieced block.  Looks lovely.

Melanie was so proud of her "Meryton" centre in rich red, brown and biscuit.  Who said she could not appliqué?  It looks fabulous.

Too much fun, girls.


  1. I`m a real fan of your `Meryton` quilt. Thankyou for showing the ladies progress and finished quilts. Your designs are amazing. Happy Stitching.

  2. Where can I purchase thos pattern please