Saturday, 11 April 2015

Two Very Busy Days at The Stitchers' Cupboard

I have taught "Meryton" to two very big groups at The Stitchers' Cupboard this week.  They have all been working extremely hard on their quilts and are at various stages in the process.  So great to see all the different interpretations for the same design.  Please let me know if you enjoy the following quilt show:

Here is Christine's lovely hexagons using pinks and greens with beautiful fussy cutting from Sue Daley's "To Norway With Love" fabric range.

This is Jenny's amazing centre in jewel tones.  We decided to use a stunning peacock feather fabric for the sashings.

Check out Jenny's amazing cutting and sewing to recreate a paisley print across the joins of several hexagons!!!

This is Shirley's lovely soft hexagon centre which she created in two weeks flat.  Wow.

On another note, this is the start of Tracey's version in bright orange with dark blue and lime green.  Love it.

This is Melanie's gorgeous centre hexagons in Penny Rose's "Aesops Fables" fabric.  Love the combination of dark brown and red.

Here is Jan's stunning centre in deep green and red. Wonderful "fussy cutting in the flowers.

Here is Margaret's very pretty version in soft pastel shades. Beautiful.

This beauty belongs to Pam also using lots of "To Norway With Love".  So lovely.

Here is Karen's amazing version with great fussy cutting and dark and deep jewel colours.  Fabulous.

This is Narelle's gorgeous effervescent bright version. Where are the sunglasses?  Just fantastic.

Here is Kerry's beautiful autumnal version in gold, brown, orange and teal.  It is so beautiful.

This is Chris' delightful centre in reds and blues and pinks. Stunning.

Here is Kelly's centre finished in wonderful rich colours.  I love it.

Here is Jan's classic blue and white version - very Delft.

Thank you ladies for all the work you have put in to your quilts.  I hope you continue to enjoy all the hand stitching.


  1. I most certainly enjoy seeing all these lovely versions of your Meryton. I love making hexagon quilts so your posts are an absolute feast for my eyes. Please keep sharing!