Monday, 27 April 2015

My Newest Jane Austen Quilt: "Lambton"

I am absolutely thrilled with the quilting on my latest quilt for my Jane Austen Quilt Collection called "Lambton".

I received the quilt last night from Helen Hayes of Victoria, who is a lovely lady and a master quilter!

Here are some detailed shots of the quilt (I cannot photograph the whole quilt yet as I have no where to hang it until it is bound):

This is the centre.  Helen has quilted beautiful little feathers around the large scallops and in the spaces around the hexagon flowers.  I love it.

Here is the detail on the "fussy cut" scallop border and my coffin shape border.

Here is a selection of the outside blocks which are all slightly different.  Helen has quilted a row of semi-circle scallops around each block and then swirly fills and beautiful details on some of the applique.


These are the corner blocks, repeating some of the motifs from the centre:

"Lambton" will be my major workshop piece for next year. Class lists are already filling at The Stitchers Cupboard in Camden (phone 4655 8348 if you are interested).

Thank you so much Helen for the magnificent job you have done on the quilting of my quilt.  I appreciate all the time and thought you have put into every little detail.  K xx


  1. It is beautiful Katrina, oh to live a little closer!!

  2. Love your new quilt, Katrina. May I ask what fabric range you have used? Love it.

    1. Hi Kerry, I did not use a fabric range for "Lambton". The scallops are "fussy cut" from a range called Hope Chest by Edyta Sitar and the floral border is from Moda's Collections for a Cause "Love. Apart from this, I collected lots of fabrics in the colours I was using: gold, orange, red, brown and teal. Regards, Katrina x

    2. Love your work❣️ Beautiful!! Making Pemberly right now, hope to find this one as a BOM in the US soon!

  3. How big is this quilt. Its beautiful

  4. So beautiful! Love your quilts, love your fabric choices. Do you have patterns for all your quilts? Cheers from Baltimore, Maryland, US

  5. The Americans clearly love your work and we would love to obtain patterns or kits . Any time soon.
    Be Safe Be Kind, Las Vegas NV, USA