Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Two New Quilting Books for My Collection

I love collecting books on patchwork and quilting - but even better when they also have a connection to my other passions: history and Jane Austen!

The first book was sent to me by Helen Bertram of Whitecroft Traditional Tours from England via Royal Mail.  It is called "Jane Austen Quilts: Inspired by Her Novels" by Karen Gloeggler.  Thanks so much Helen.


The second book is called "The 1718 Coverlet" by Susan Briscoe.  This book includes patterns to recreate the 69 blocks contained in the oldest dated piece of patchwork in Great Britain.  Wow, this silk coverlet was made fifty years before Captain Cook discovered the east coast of Australia!

I purchased this book from Kathy at The Stitchers' Cupboard in Camden.

I am looking forward to having time over the long weekend to take a look inside both of these great new books.


  1. I have enjoyed 1718 .... and know with your color and design gift that you will produce some great pieces.

  2. I bought the 1718 book as well. Just beautiful