Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Wow, More Versions of "Pemberley"

I spent another happy day teaching my "Pemberley" quilt to a lovely group of ladies at Pioneer.

We were turning our centre applique panel into a beautiful oval shape complete with piping and applying scallops to our large background piece.

Here are the results.  First, here is the group holding up their centres from left to right: Jan, Chris, Jean, Anne, Dianne and Natalie (sorry Melvine is missing).

Here is Natalie's centre - yes, the "fussy cutting" Queen is back!  This time in pretties!  Yes, Nat, you can do it!  Looking gorgy.  But I did not take a photo with the scallops!

Here is the centre made by Chris.  She and Natalie have used the same soft peach background fabric and the same border print for their urn but they look completely different!

Here is Chris' centre with the piping around and the pretty green scallops in place.

Here are some of Chris' corner pot appliques: lovely!

This centre was made by Jan.  Look at the dramatic difference when we add the scallops and the next teal blue background piece!

Next we have the centre made by Jean.  Her colours are really beautiful.
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 Here is the chocolate brown piping added and the scallops with a red rose featured in each one:

This is Dianne's centre - her urn is spectacular with its "fussy cutting" features from the border fabric.

And how dramatic does it look with the rich colours of the brown piping and the red scallops?

Here is Anne's centre with very special hexagon flowers and a lovely stripe cut along the rim of her urn.

Here it is again with the red piping and the blue scallops.  Also very lovely!

 Well done, ladies.  Thank you for letting me share your work with my blog readers!

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  1. Well done ladies. Hope mine comes out as lovely.
    Donna from the Nowra group