Sunday, 14 July 2013

Wonderful Adelaide

I am having a fabulous time here in Adelaide, but am busy every moment teaching, eating, attending events, eating, trying to sleep in a strange bed and eating some more!

 The Committee of the SA Quilt Encounter are doing a monumental job organising over 120 ladies attending classes and looking after tutors for a whole week.

I have been teaching a group of 15 ladies my Spikes and Specks quilt. We are perfecting the intricacies of paper foundation piecing and machine appliqué. The girls did a fabulous job and we had lots of finished blocks and appliqué samples by the end of the two day class.

I have taken lots of photos which I am trying to load from my iPad as soon as I can!

I am doing my talk on my Jane Austen quilt collection tonight. Yay!

Loving being here.

Katrina xx

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