Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Del's Fabulous Little Cup Cakes

I was delighted when the lovely Del brought in a tray of her fabulous cup cakes for the class to share today at Pioneer Patchwork. 

Del is a professional cake decorator and I have been asking her to show us some photos of her cakes.  But this was even better!  I had to take some photos to show you all. 

There were some with delicate flowers and some with the most gorgeous three dimensional mushrooms in glorious colours.  There was a row of babies - three had a dummy but one did not and so he was the grumpy baby.  There was also a row of the cutest lady beetles.  I ate one of those - absolutely delicious chocolate cake and the icing yummy too.

What a talented lady - I am teaching Del some hand applique techniques which she calls "grown up" applique.  Ha Ha.

Thanks, Del for the gorgeous cakes.  I love them...

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