Friday, 21 June 2013

Whack and Stack "Rococo" Stars

I taught my new Whack and Stack quilt for the first time this week.  The Le Moyne star blocks were all cut from the same border fabric, creating many different exciting and unexpected patterns.  I called the quilt "Rococo".

Here is the original...

Here are some of the blocks the girls were making in class.  It always makes for a great class because everyone is excited to see the different patterns that emerge from the different choice of the main fabric.

The first one belongs to Dawn.  She used a fabric with a brown background and large bouquets of different coloured flowers.  We expect she will get lots of blocks in different colours.

The next one belongs to Lynn.  This fabric also had bouquets of lovely pink and yellow flowers.  She has set her diamonds in a soft pink background fabric.

Then we have Janine's.  Her main fabric had a distinctive olive green background with sprays of soft apricot/pink roses.

This one belongs to Janine.  Her fabric was an amazing green, gold and black swirly paisley design.  We decided to set her diamond star on a rich green.  Wow!

The last example belongs to Sally.  Sally's fabric was a very colourful one with lots of different sized circles with many flower motifs.  She also set her block on a soft pink background.  Looks amazing.

I will show you some more of these blocks as the girls progress.

Great fun!

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