Saturday, 15 June 2013

Jan's Show and Tell

Jan surprised me today with TWO finished quilts: her "Rosings" and her Block of the Month quilt.

Here is her "Rosings" all finished.  Jan always intended to put a beautiful floral with a black background (used in centre circle) as her final border but when she sewed it on she was disappointed and felt it detracted from all the lovely applique so she unpicked it and replaced it with two plainer borders - a black and a soft pink.  Looks great!

Here is the centre:

Here is Jan's completed black and white version of the Block of the Month I designed for Pioneer Patchwork in 2012.  Jan has set her blocks like my reproduction setting but omitted the sashings between blocks and made a brick work border in the leftovers.  It is huge and gorgy.  Congrats, Jan.

She is laughing here, relieved to be finished?

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