Friday, 19 January 2018

Summer School Week Two

I have had another very busy week with all the lovely ladies attending my Summer School Classes.  Lots more progress on various Summer Winds Block Keepers at both The Stitchers Cupboard and Hobbysew Kings Park.

This one is by Kris.

By Vicki

By Sharon

By Wendy

By Jenny

By Narelle 

By Jennie

By Chris

By Jen

By Pam

By Carol

Gorgeous work on the Mr D’Arcy Cushion by Christine.

And a fabulous finish by Meredith who made the whole of “Charlotte” complete with borders during the two weeks of Summer School.  Go girl!

Lots of very hot weather and storms this week.  I am looking forward to a weekend at home.  Happy stitching everyone.

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