Saturday, 15 July 2017

More "Hartfield" Beauties at The Stitchers Cupboard

Two more classes this week featuring some wonderful work being achieved by my students on their "Hartfield" quilts.

A number of ladies are up to the elongated hexagon border so we had lots of goodies to lay out and arrange in order.

These very pretty ones are by Karen.

These are by Jenny.

These are by Glynnis.

These are by Jennie.

These amazing ones are by Jenny (just realised I have lots of Jennys in class!). Gorgeous jewel colours which really pop on the black background.

This is progress so far on Jenny's centre.  Amazing.

This is Glynnis' lovely centre.

This is Glynne's beautiful centre (hi Glynne).

This Centre with complete elongated hexie borders is by Robyn.  Fabulous.

Robyn has started putting together the octagons for the outside blocks.

This is Jennie's centre laid out.  Love it.

This is Jan's lovely centre.

On a different note, Chris began her journey to make "Netherfield". 

A big week.

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