Friday, 13 November 2015

A Couple of Busy Days at The Stitchers Cupboard

It is always great to see some quilts being finished at this time of year!

Here are just a few beauties coming out of class at The Stitchers Cupboard.

First is Jenny's amazing bright version of "Henrietta".  This quilt is not for the faint hearted, with lots of machine piecing and trimming.  Jenny limited the number of colours in her quilt, making a colour gradation from yellow in the centre, through orange to deep rich orange/red.  The final border is a gorgeous tulip print.  Congratulations, Jenny and your lucky friend who will receive the quilt at Christmas time.

These are the beautiful blocks of Sharon's "Henrietta" quilt, in reproduction fabrics.  We were laying them out on the floor, moving them in all different positions.  We decided on a symmetrical, balanced arrangement of colours rather than random placement.  And Sharon is my hero student, making an amazing hand appliqué border of flowers.

Here is Melanie's beautiful "Meryton" in rich brown and red.  She has made a smaller quilt with some scatter cushions from the designs of the outer blocks.  Love it.

Now that Kerry has completed her "Meryton", she has brought out her amazing "Hunsford" to finish.  This is just stunning in bright red and black.  It will be finished very soon as she has finished all the outside blocks as well.

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  1. I like this one "Hunsford" the most. I know my granny would like it very much.