Saturday, 24 October 2015

A Week in London

I was lucky enough to spend a wonderful week touring around some of the major sites in London. You all know my love of history, so my week was full of magnificent churches, castles and beautiful buildings.

Here are some of the highlights:

A tour of fabulous Westminster Abbey, complete with audio tour narrated by Jeremy Irons (unfortunately no photography is allowed inside).  The Abbey is full to the brim of memorials to the famous people buried and honoured here. The decorations are spectacular.

Here are some of the cloisters behind the Abbey.


A small plaque to one of my heroes, Captain James Cook.

A stop outside Buckingham Palace.

A visit to The Tate Britain Gallery.

We saw the hauntingly beautiful 1888 painting "The Lady of Shallot" by John William Waterhouse.

And many other beautiful paitingings:

William Logsdail:


John Constable:

Harrod's Food Hall:

"Liberty of London":

A performance of Shakespeare's "Richard II" at The Globe theatre:

A trip to Arsenel Stadium for David:

A tour of St Paul's Cathedral:

An amazing day at The British Museum (unfortunately I had the flu).


I spent lots of time viewing the incredible Assyrian reliefs and sculptures:

The Elgin marbles, of course!

Ancient Ur:

The Lewis Chessmen:

Eygptian Mummies and monuments:


A bus tour of London monuments by night:

A fascinating day at The Tower of London, so much history!

I loved seeing King Henry VIII's armour:


The place where Anne Boleyn and others were beheaded.

I was lucky to see The Tower Bridge open to let a ship pass along the Thames.

The beauty of the Houses of Parliament at Westminster:

Big Ben, of course:


My final day in England was spent touring the breathtaking State Apartments at Windsor Castle:

The Chapel of St George, home of the Order of the Garter:


A tour of fabulous Hampton Court Palace, home of King Henry VIII:

The Great Hall:

The tapestries:

The reception rooms:

The Great Tudor Kitchens:

The gardens:

I had a most wonderful time in this most magnificent of cities.  I am home now, back to reality!

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