Saturday, 5 April 2014

"Netherfield" Centres Looking Fabulous

A bit too much drama for me today with my car completely shutting down in the middle of Seven Hills Road, Baulkham Hills!  After arranging for it to be towed away I was able to get on with my class at Lyn's Fine Needlework which was luckily across the road from where I broke down.  Could have done without that!

However, my ladies did me proud and carried on with their new set of instructions until I got there.

Here are some photos of the show and tell that awaited:

First is the "Netherfield" centre by Meredith in rich red, black, green and blue.  Very beautiful.

Then there is Drew's centre, looking stunning with lots of different fabrics and colours.  Gorgeous.

Here is Glenda's centre made in Vin du Jour by Moda in rich purple and plum with yellow accents.

Here is Lesley's centre which is again very different in black, white and red Japanese style flowers.  I love the last border Lesley sewed on today with the squiggly lines.  Wow!

Thanks ladies for a great display. Hope I get my car back soon.

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