Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Jane Austen Finishing School

Jane Austen Finishing School
(I just love that name!!)

I am delighted to announce that I will be conducting the "Jane Austen Finishing School" in January 2013 at Pioneer Patchwork at Narellan (Phone number 02 4647 3555). 

This will give ladies who have started one of the quilts in my Jane Austen series an opportunity to come to class for further consultation and instruction.  Just because we have so much fun in class and want more, this is your chance.

The school will run on the following dates:

Tuesday 8 January
Thursday 10 January
Saturday 12 January

Tuesday 15 January
Thursday 17 January
Saturday 19 January, 2013

The school will take place between 10am and 4pm each day and each class will be $55.00.

You can book in for just one day or all six days or any number of days of your choice.

If you have started "Pemberley", "Netherfield" or "Longbourne" and not yet finished, this is a great opportunity  for inspiration and the time to get more sewing done.

Some ladies who have already finished their quilt have asked if they can start a different quilt in the series.  As long as you have completed one of the quilts and book into at least 3 days of the school, you can start another quilt in the series (excluding Rosings).

For photographs of the quilts, go to the "Jane Austen Quilt Collection" page button at the top right corner of this blog.

Hope to see you at the Jane Austen Finishing School!

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