Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Special Workshop at Pioneer Patchwork

We had a lovely day on Tuesday with some of my regular ladies attending a UFO Day.  Although it was very cold and wintery outside, we were snug and happy sewing in the workshop room.

Here is Jenny, Pauline, Cindy, Janine, Kylie, Robyn, Jean and Judy enjoying their stitching (Janine and Lynn must be in the shop!)

Jan and Janine surprised me with their completed "Longbourne" quilts for show and tell.  This hard working duo only started classes for this quilt in February this year and it is all hand sewn (except the sashes and borders)! Fabulous work, girls.  Congratulations!

This is Janine's, all in beautiful pinks, browns, reds and blues.  It has a real "old world" look.

This is Jan's in a stunning combination of blue and red.  Wow!

How different can the same quilt look?

Stay tuned for more...  Katrina

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