Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Big Weekend

"Longbourne" Lovelies

I had a big weekend of Longbourne classes at Pioneer Patchwork last weekend.  Two seperate classes came in on Saturday and Sunday for show and tell and time for more instructions.

Here is the progress on some of the gorgeous quilts:

The first one is Sue's - she is such a quick worker and loves her applique.  A lot of her hexagons are cut from William Morris fabrics - wow!

This one is Julie's.  She is so excited about hers and now she is up to the hexagons!

This one belongs to Elaine.  I love her pomegranites!

This one is Chris'.  Hexagons are pinned and glued on ready to be sewn - it looks wonderful.

This beauty belongs to Teresa.  That stripe is mitred so well on the borders, ready for hexagons.  Look at her pot - it is so lovely!

I am so proud of all of my girls!  Your work is looking just fantastic and it is so rewarding to see everyone enjoying their sewing.


Katrina x

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  1. Such a good applique design. It is interesting to see how each student did the pot. Beautiful fabrics in all of them.