Sunday, 26 February 2012

Busy Classes

Classes are Full Steam Ahead

I have been very busy with classes and workshops this month.

Taught my gorgeous Richmond friends my Cathedral Windows cushion and a coupld were finished in no time.  Well done girls!  Here is a photo of the results - mine is in the centre, Karol's on the right and Mary's on the left.  Beautiful!

I have also started my new monthly class at the beautiful shop Quiltsmith at Annandale.  Although it is a long way from home, this store is a must for all reproduction fabric fans!

I am teaching the girls my compass quilt called "The Way Ahead".  Here are two lovely compass blocks almost finished on the day.  Congrats Trish and Janice!

If you are interested in this class, I will be at Quiltsmith the fourth Thursday of every month this year.

Have also started two groups making "Longbourne", one group making Spikes and Specks, two groups making Whack and Stack projects and one group making Netherfield.  Will let you see photos of their work as we progress!

Katrina x

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