Monday, 18 January 2016

More Summer School from The Stitchers Cupboard

Here are some more photos from the lovely work being done at Summer School at The Stitchers Cupboard.

These are some of Kelly's beautiful hexagon lozenges for her "Netherfield".  Gorgeous!

This is Annette's lovely blue and cream version of "Pemberley":

This is Christine's very autumnal version of "Longbourne".  She has got it out to do some more work on it during Summer School. Beautiful!

Here is Lynne's beautiful "Pemberlini" in soft, feminine colours.

This is Iain's version, very dramatic in browns and yellows.

Here is Jan's fabulous and very inventive Christmas "Santalini":


Glenda has been working on her lovely "Now and Zen".  She has finished all the blocks and is now putting them all together.

More on Wednesday.

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