Tuesday, 10 June 2014

How to Make a Beautiful Quilt Label

I have been putting the finishing touches on my two quilts for the Sydney Quilt Show.

The final thing to do is to make a beautiful quilt label with all the appropriate details.

A lot of ladies comment on my fancy labels featuring the fabrics and motifs from the front of the quilt.  No pressure!

I typed out the information I wanted to include on my computer using an attractive font.  I used Comic Sans size 20 for the title and size 18 for the text. I made sure the text was centred and spaced as I wanted it.  Then I printed this out on paper.

I sticky taped this to my light box.  

Then I cut out a rectangle of cream fabric and pressed a rectangle of freezer paper to the wrong side to aid stability for tracing.

I taped the fabric over the printed information and traced it using a permanent pigment pen.  Then I removed the freezer paper and ironed the back of the fabric to set the ink. I turned under the seam allowance on the edges of this piece and appliqued it to a larger piece of fabric.  

Add applique and borders and here they are, ready to go on my quilts, one for "Henrietta" and one for "Meryton".


  1. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  2. Wonderful tute! Thank you

  3. Beautiful quilt labels. You have inspired me to make a bit more of an effort.
    Thanks a bunch.