Friday, 25 January 2013

Patterns for Sale

Holiday Sewing

I have now written all the patterns for the sewing I completed over the holiday period.  Here are some photos.

Here is a "Quilter's Ensemble" including a bag for rotary cutter and scissors, a pen and implement roll and a cute pin cushion.

Here is a matching "Patches Project Bag" with lots of pockets included. The front of the bag is the first photo and then the back view.

Here is a lovely handbag I have made.  I am very proud of it as I have not made a fancy bag for a while.  My son David named it "Pamela":

Here is a close up of the centre panel:

Here is a new cushion I have named "Crossed Tulips" Cushion.  It features prairie points around the centre applique:

Here is a closeup of the applique:

If you would like to purchase any of these new patterns, please send me an email at Most of the patterns are $17.70, except the cushion which is $15.50.

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