Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Melbourne Cup Day Bash

Workshop and Fun at Pioneer Patchwork

The girls enrolled in the Melbourne Cup Day workshop had a fabulous day today with lots of patterns, sewing, eating and sweeps!

Here is Ingrid teaching instructions for her Crazy Patchwork Bag with cheeky Julie peering out:

Here are some of my girls making my "Christmas Tree Cushion" in various adaptations.  First is Robyn who finished the front of her cushion and was happily hand quilting.

Here is Kylie with her cushion which she is machine quilting with gold metallic thread.  The colours of her borders are the opposite to the other cushions:

Here is Diane who decided to hand stitch red ric rac to her cushion instead of sewing on buttons:

We had a great day - even though I did not win one cent!

Katrina x

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