Sunday, 9 October 2011

Pemberley Beauties

Had a great class at Pioneer Patchwork yesterday, the last in a series of five to teach "Pemberley".

The girls have done extremely well. The quilt is a lot of hand work and it is a big job to keep up with the homework!

Here are some of the results, just to show the quilt in various colourways.

This is Denise's "Pemberley".  She has worked very hard and she loves purple.

The next one belongs to Ingrid Krapez.  She is the lovely owner of Pioneer Patchwork.  Her "Pemberley" is very pretty.

This one belongs to Claudine.  It is very striking with some fabrics with flowers on a black background.

This one is being made by Pat.  Her version looks soft and lacy.

This one belongs to Anne.  Very dramatic.

This belongs to my beautiful friend, Julie.  Way to go!  Love that turquoise!

This gorgeous "Pemberley" is being made by Kelly.  The colours are gorgy!

This "Pemberley" belongs to Mariette who, despite a hand injury, has done a beautiful job.  Congratulations!

This is Lesley's centre oval.  Lesley, don't worry - you will get there and I love your infectious laugh.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at these versions of "Pemberley".  Class was a lot of fun.  Thank you girls!  Happy sewing!

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